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Multiple Teams · Watery and Wild in Waukesha….must be Halloween season!

October 6th will go down in the annals of Trojan history as one of those crazy nights.  The steady mist started right around kickoff and created almost an ominous fog fitting for the start of this Halloween month. Oh, was it just the beginning…  Waukesha North jumped out to an early 21-0 lead in the first quarter which almost put the final nail in the coffin. However the beast awoke from their slumber. A bad snap to start the 2nd Qtr from Waukesha on an attempted punt, lead to the goblin Majin Yang forcing a fumble and Frankenstein himself, Jimmy Furhman scooped and scored to put the Trojans on the board with a 21-6 score. Nearing half, with time running out, the Trojans would be backed up to their own endzone and a costly fumble would give Waukesha North the opportunity to go into the locker room with a 28-6 lead.

The 3rd quarter was filled with penalties and turnovers from both sides amounting in no additional scores. Now here’s where the fun began. Quickly in the 4th Waukesha North tacks on another score to make it a 35-6 game with 11:17 left to play. Waukesha got the ball back, but Victor “the vampire” Fernhaber would scoop and score for another Trojan touchdown to close the gap to a 35-13 score. After another stop by the Trojans D, Marcellus “Wolfman” Williamson would get a punch in from the 1 yard line to spark some life into the Trojan offense and get the nerves of Waukesha North shaking. The score was now sitting at 35-19 with 8:35 left to play.

The second half play of the Trojan Defense was awe inspiring. Rob “The Rabid Warlock” Widuch had his squad playing lights out. Yet another stop would come and get the Trojans in scoring position.  Emergency quarterback Ean “Haller-at the moon” would punch it in from the one yard line behind his big line lead by the great pumpkin Austin Ertl. It would now be a two score game 35-25 with just a few minutes remaining. The defense would hold stout and give the Trojans a glimmer of hope. With time running out the Trojans would elect to go for a field goal to make it a one possession game. Henry “trick or treat” Tyson’s kick was up and through the uprights with 10 seconds left creating the inevitable onside kick. Henry gave the Trojans another treat by kicking a perfect onside kick that landed in the hands of their “Mr. do it all”, Ean “Haller-at the moon” right along the sideline. The Trojans were down to their last snap to tie the game. After protection on their Hail Mary failed the Trojans were once again “tricked” as time expired.

This was the Trojan’s third, one possession loss of the season. As another black cat crossed their path, it was a tough pill to swallow in what has no doubt been a season of growth and learning through adversity that will make them all better in the end.

The Trojans close out their season next week against Marquette where they hope to summon the spirits of Hart Park that have been so good to them in recent years.