Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Congratulations to Boys & Girls JV Ski Racing Team on Qualifying for Conference

Good morning!

Just a quick note to let all Tosa Ski racers and parents that BOTH JV Girls and Boys have qualified for the JV Conference meet.

Check out the final numbers at the website: All teams highlighted in yellow have qualified!

Congratulations to our JV teams.

The only details I have right now are this: The meet takes place on Thursday, February 21st at Heiliger Huegel ski hill (also known as Holy Hill). The race starts at 5pm, and I believe the race consists of one run of GS and one run of Slalom. I will try to get finalized who are teams are, but generally if you have raced MOSTLY on JV, at least 3 races, but NOT 3 Varsity races, you are part of the team.

I will send more details as I receive them.

Congratulations to BOTH Wauwatosa JV Teams!