Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · High School Ski Racing Team Final Results

Attached are the results from the JV Conference final race held at Heiliger Huegel ski hill. Please note the JV conference race is scored much like the state race with points awarded based on where you place (1 point for 1st place, etc. fewest points wins).
  • Our girls team placed 8th out of nine teams at the race, and the JV Girls finishing the season in 8th place out of 25 TEAMS in southeastern Wisconsin!
  • Our Boys team placed 9th out of eleven teams at the race, the the JV Boys team finishing in 9th place out of 28 TEAMS in the southeastern Wisconsin conference!
Congrats to all racers!
Also, a quick recap from State championships.
Our girls did great with an outstanding performance from Freshman Shea Sidner!
  • Shea Sidner – Freshman – East- finished in 27th place overall combined 3 events.
  • Grace Dempsey -Senior- East- finished 118th place overall combined 3 events.
All results can be found at the link below!
Above are JV girls at the conference race: Isa Lentz, Adele Steliga, Jane Osowski, Molly McCaffrey, Sophie Hardman, and Aidan Jones.


Grace Dempsey and Shea Sidner at the state championships.