Coed Junior Varsity Cross Country, Coed Varsity Cross Country · 2019 CROSS COUNTRY STATE MEET RESULTS

On November 2nd 2019, Wauwatosa West High School was well represented at the Cross Country State Meet.  The weather was cold, overcast and snowy at times but that didn’t matter.  The course was winding, hilly, wet and icy in places but that didn’t matter.  Music played loudly and hundreds of competitors from schools all across Wisconsin could be seen throughout the entire area but that didn’t matter.  What did matter was our three state qualifiers, Collin Jacobi Rachel Krouse and Hannah Veenendaal, were “in the zone” and focused on running their best to leave a lasting mark for the record books of Cross Country at Wauwatosa West.


The Girls Division 1 race started promptly at 12:40 PM.  Rachel averaged a 6:23 mile-pace for a final time of 19:47.5, just three seconds slower than her personal best time.  Rachel took 55th place overall.  Hannah averaged a 6:48 mile-pace for a final time of 21:05 and 155th place overall.

The Boys Division 1 race started promptly at 2:35 PM.  Collin averaged a 5:40 mile pace for a final time of 17:34.7.  Collin took 140th place overall.

After the races ended everyone was in great spirits!  A feeling of incredible accomplishment filled the air.  Many students, parents and relatives ( at least 35) from our school made the long trip to the Rapids to cheer us on and congratulate their friends and loved ones afterwards.

We have the best fan-base imaginable!!

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