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Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Ski Racing Team Finishes Regular Season on Thursday, 2/4

The ski team is finishing their season this week.  They race at The Rock in Franklin on Thursday, Feb. 4th at 6pm.  Both JV Girls and Boys have an opportunity to qualify to compete at the Conference meet in 2 weeks.  We will be cheering them on to ski well enough to make it.
East Junior Shea Sidner will be competing at State in La Crosse as an Individual February 14th and 15th.
Good luck!

East Senior Ben Litzau

East Senior Maggie Kasdorf

West Junior Adele Steliga

West Freshman Anna Connolly

Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Ski Racing Team Results from 1/14/2021

The Ski Racing Teams third Race at Heiliger Huegel was rainy, snowy and wet, but the team did well.

East Junior Shea Sidner tied for 3rd in Girls Varsity.

West Freshman Brian Cook at The Rock on 1/4/2021.

Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Ski Racing Team Results from 1/7/21

In our race last Thursday 1/7, our Girls Varsity and Girls JV placed 1st with Shea Sidner placing 1st overall for the girls.

Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Ski Racing Team Results from 1/4/21 at The Rock Snowpark

This year the Ski Racing Team has 35 skiers from East and West competing. Their largest team ever!  They competed this past Monday night at The Rock Snowpark.  The JV Boys team placed first overall with the top 3 skiers being from Wauwatosa – Mason King, Joe Byrne and John Thielke.
The rest of our season is as follows-Races begin at 6pm
  • 1/7 The Rock Snowpark
  • 1/14 Heiliger Huegel (Holy Hill)
  • 1/21 Little Switzerland
  • 1/27 The Rock Snowpark
  • 2/4 The Rock Snowpark

Trojans News · Ski Racing Team Information

The ski race team comprises a girls varsity and JV teams, along with a varsity and JV boys team.  The club team is a co-op program with Wauwatosa West HS.  Practices and contests are off campus.  If interested in ski racing, contact the manager for further information.

Coach: Phil Piering
Manager: Lisa Hollander

Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · High School Ski Racing Team Final Results

Attached are the results from the JV Conference final race held at Heiliger Huegel ski hill. Please note the JV conference race is scored much like the state race with points awarded based on where you place (1 point for 1st place, etc. fewest points wins).
  • Our girls team placed 8th out of nine teams at the race, and the JV Girls finishing the season in 8th place out of 25 TEAMS in southeastern Wisconsin!
  • Our Boys team placed 9th out of eleven teams at the race, the the JV Boys team finishing in 9th place out of 28 TEAMS in the southeastern Wisconsin conference!
Congrats to all racers!
Also, a quick recap from State championships.
Our girls did great with an outstanding performance from Freshman Shea Sidner!
  • Shea Sidner – Freshman – East- finished in 27th place overall combined 3 events.
  • Grace Dempsey -Senior- East- finished 118th place overall combined 3 events.
All results can be found at the link below!
Above are JV girls at the conference race: Isa Lentz, Adele Steliga, Jane Osowski, Molly McCaffrey, Sophie Hardman, and Aidan Jones.


Grace Dempsey and Shea Sidner at the state championships.

Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Skiers S. Sidner & G. Dempsey Head to State!

Congratulations to

Shea Sidner – Wauwatosa East Freshman – 1st Seed Individual


Grace Dempsey – Wauwatosa East Senior – 2nd Seed Individual


Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Congratulations to Boys & Girls JV Ski Racing Team on Qualifying for Conference

Good morning!

Just a quick note to let all Tosa Ski racers and parents that BOTH JV Girls and Boys have qualified for the JV Conference meet.

Check out the final numbers at the website: All teams highlighted in yellow have qualified!

Congratulations to our JV teams.

The only details I have right now are this: The meet takes place on Thursday, February 21st at Heiliger Huegel ski hill (also known as Holy Hill). The race starts at 5pm, and I believe the race consists of one run of GS and one run of Slalom. I will try to get finalized who are teams are, but generally if you have raced MOSTLY on JV, at least 3 races, but NOT 3 Varsity races, you are part of the team.

I will send more details as I receive them.

Congratulations to BOTH Wauwatosa JV Teams!

Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Ski Racing Results from 2/7 at Sunburst

On 2/7, we had a tough race going against last year’s state championship team, Arrowhead, but I have to say, ALL of our racers looked great!
The improvement of our Tosa racers showed last night in our final regular scheduled race on the season.
Varsity Boys and Girls teams finished in 4th place.
Shea Sidner finished in 3rd place overall! Way to go, Shea!

Girls JV took 3rd Place

Boys JV took 5th Place

Final results will be coming tomorrow, and I will let you know if our JV teams will qualify for the JV conference meet on February 21st at Heiliger Huegel ski hill, and details will follow.
I am pleased to announce that SHEA SIDNER, East Freshman, and GRACE DEMPSEY, East Senior, will qualify and be invited to participate in the Wisconsin state alpine championships this upcoming weekend in LaCrosse. Congratulations to both girls! They’re going to state!

Coed Junior Varsity Skiing, Coed Varsity Skiing · Ski Racing Results from 2/4 at Sunburst

On 2/4/19,  we had a Slalom Race at Sunburst.

A big congratulations to Shea Sidner, East Freshman, for taking FIRST PLACE Girls Varsity! Way to go, Shea!

Also, congratulations on the continued success of our JV Teams!

Here are the highlights and top ten individual finishers!

Girls JV took 2nd Place:

  • Aidan Jones (East Freshman) – 3rd Place
  • Jane Osowski (East Junior) – 8th Place
  • Isa Lentz ( East Sophomore) – 10th Place

Boys JV finished in 3rd Place:

  • Sami Haouchine (East Sophomore) – 10th Place

Special thanks to Claire Ranft for racing with boys and helping the boys!

Girls Varsity took 5th Place

Boys Varsity took 5th Place

Our final regular season race is Thursday, February 7th, a Giant Slalom at Sunburst at 6:00 PM.

2.4.19 Race Results